Vinca Petersen, No System *signed


Books are portals to other times.. And in this case, Vinca's book, first published by Steidl in 1999, reminds us of our potential to SHAKE FREE. 
No System is the cult book offering an insider's experience of sound systems and their tribes as they travelled around Europe organising illegal raves in the 1990s. This new second edition is published by Vinca herself and is a facsimile of the original. “To be able to encourage people to seek a way of living which is slightly outside the obvious, in whatever form – I think it gives them a strength to deal with life. Any sort of that resilience is very good for people. No System, I hope, is a bit of that kind of tonic.” 
290x240mm, offset on Arctic Volume White paper, Otabound
Signed, with poster!