Muge, Going Home, *signed

In Going Home, Muge‰۪s photographs have an almost dreamlike quality, but through the nostalgia one sees the immensity of transition, displacement, disappearance and searching. Underneath the upheaval, Muge searches for hope, and throughout the body of work one senses the movement of time: past, present and future seem to simultaneously exist in many of the frames.
- Jessie Wender, New Yorker Magazine

During the staccato journeys between his home and the Three Gorges Dam over five years, Muge recorded the changes in landscape and countenance with photography, with an insider's perspective. The subtle connections and struggles between mankind and the land are given tangible shapes in Going Home. Perhaps the hesitant subtext of the series can be summed up in one question: after the intrusion of modern construction, how do we view this new relationship between mankind and nature?
- Liang-pin Tsao, Taiwanese curator, critic


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Muge, Going Home, *signed - Claire de Rouen Books