Risaku Suzuki, Mont Sainte Victoire, *signed

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Featured in over fifty paintings by Cézanne, the Mont Sainte Victoire in Southern France is familiar even to those who have never been there.

A century later, photographer Risaku Suzuki has followed in the great artist's footsteps, using a quite different medium to depict the landscape on the way. In Suzuki's photographs, there is a feeling of movement and progression, giving the journey a pace that out to be at odds with a series of static images. Sometimes it is as if the camera has legs and a mind of its own as it strays from the path to take in just one more inconspicuous part of the environment - and all the while the audience is beckoned to come along too. Using limited depth of field, Suzuki focuses the lens on a tree, a piece of rock, unexceptional segments of a remarkable climb upwards. This beautiful, oversized monograph includes an essay by Hideki Maeda. 

Risaku Suzuki is one of Japan's most prominent photographers. His work has been widely published in Japan, and exhibited in Asia, Europe and the United States. His photographs were included in "The History of Japanese Photography" exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He is a past winner of the Kimura Ihee Award.

This special edition of Mont Sainte Victoire is limited to 50 copies with an original print (shown), numbered and signed by the artist and presented in a clamshell box. 

**Note: the clamshell box shows signs of wear but our copy of the book is still in the original plastic cover and print is in excellent condition.