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Luke Dodd (ed.), Jane Bown: A Lifetime of Looking

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'Jane Bown was an English photographer best known for her photojournalism work for The Observer newspaper from 1949; her portraiture, primarily shot on black and white film using natural light, has received critical acclaim, being described as "a kind of English Cartier-Bresson."

This definitive monograph chronicles the career of a pioneering woman in what, at the time, was a hugely male dominated field. Featuring over 200 images, Bown walks us back in time to show all aspects of British life over the course of her incredible 70 year career; dog walkers, miners and fishermen are juxtaposed against celebrities such as Queen, Mick Jagger and the Beatles. Edited by friend and curator Luke Dodd this book presents a comprehensive collection of the legendary photographers iconic work.'

Published by Guardian Books, 2015