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Lasse Dearman, Across the Flower Field

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"29-year-old Danish photographer Lasse Dearman was looking for fresh inspiration when he embarked on his year-long photo project, Across the Flower Field, published this week. It’s Lasse’s first independent publication, having worked on a number of different editorial and commercial jobs throughout his twenties and picking up a reputation as one of Copenhagen’s most exciting emerging photographers. With no brand involvement and no styling, this project is simply a personal exploration of his own craft, without the interference of brands or clients.

Throughout its 32 pages, Across the Flower Field documents faces he met in India, the USA and Europe. 'I love how everyone’s different signals and feelings all interact together on the page, to create a bigger picture. I hold a fascination for the simplicity, depth and complexity within portraits: this is something I wanted to explore and was the main drive behind the work.' Though not looking explicitly for a narrative to form, the cultural differences that presented themselves in tiny detail when taking simple portraiture became the story of this project. 'I really enjoyed how that narrative was forming and changing with each travelling step, giving the geographical perspective a significance. The subjects I chose to shoot for this all share a common ground. An uncertain feeling of something unsolved that was present in each person. I wanted to capture a feeling that I could feel, but could not describe.'" (i-D)

Copenhagen: (self-published), 2019.
Softcover, 200 copies