STEIDL-WERK No. 24: Collisions explores the creative influences and personal friendship between artists Rose Wylie and Fraser Taylor, and is a mixed-media survey of their careers to date. Designed by WERK creator director Theseus Chan, the book also archives an intense three-day experiment with Wylie and Taylor working simultaneously and led by curator Alison Harley. In response to Wylie and Taylor's extensive creative practice, artists Jimmy Cosgrove, Jeff Gibbons, Ian Massey, Jo Melvin and Liam Scully were invited by Harley to create open forms of writing that Chan then integrated into the book as text collages.

Central to this collaboration are notions of commonality and difference, as well as Wylie and Taylor's emphasis on graphic materiality and spontaneity: Taylor is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is rooted in drawings that move between figuration and abstraction, while Wylie declares:Draw what you see, or remember; use everything at your disposal including sparkle, wandering wispy lines for ghosts, soft zigzags for heat (and steam), and cross-hatching, foreshortening use what you've got. Documentary photos by Oona Brown round off the book and transport us to the original site of Wylie and Taylor's collisions.

Exhibition: The Studio Pavilion, House for An Art Lover, Glasgow, 9 June to 14 July 2017

Issue 24 of one of the best magazines in the world, WERK, which hails from Theseus Chan in Singapore. Unrivalled for content and design.