CANDY magazine3


Limited Edition of 1000 Copies
388 Pages

Chloe Sevigny by Terry Richardson on the cover

Chloe Sevigny by Terry Richardson
Untitled 1977/2011 by Cindy Sherman
Elizabeth Taylor Tribute by Bruce Weber
Renaissance by Bettina Rheims
Transvestia Magazine by Miguel Figueroa
Main Hair by Jimmy Paul and Jack Pierson
Playmates by Mariano Vivanco and Gary Card
Transsex & The City by Ellen Von Unwerth
Carmen de Mairena by Daniel Riera and Juan SÌÁnchez
Party In The USA by Doug Inglish
Candy's Angels by Danielle Levitt
April Ashley by Daryoush Haj-Najafi and Tim Walker
Kabuki by Miguel Figueroa and David Armstrong
Romy Haag by Lukas Von der Gracht and Benjamin Alexander Huseby
Jackie Collins by Miguel Figueroa and Doug Inglish
Jenny Shimizu by Yale Breslin and Bruno Staub
Marc Jacobs Lolita by Leon Mark
Gucci with La Prohibida by Hugo LÌ_pez and Juan Gatti
Alex Davis by Amos Mac and Greg Gorman
Lanvin Homme with JD Samson by Xevi Muntan̩
Lea T by Andreas Larsson
Honey Dijon by Felix Burrichter and Danielle Levitt
David Hamilton Style by Florent Routoulp
Martin Cohn by Greg Kadel
Bj̦rk Style by Paul Scala
Dolly Parton Style by Ali Mahdavi
Leonardo DiCaprio Style by Kira Bunse
Sweet As Candy by David Armstrong

PLUS: Make Up by James Kaliardos, Drag Kings by Xavier Cariou, Philippe Morillon by Juan-DarÌ_o, Mina by Riccardo Slavik, Some Like It Hot by Hirschfeld, Candy Dates by Charles Guislain, Alice Temple by Thomas Giddings, Walter Pfeiffer and more more more!