032c Issue 32 Summer 2017, US vs. THEM


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How do you find truth in an age without facts? The answer: wake up and stick together. In this issues dossier US vs. THEM, creative director RICHARD TURLEY explores how the Global Right Wings blatant disregard for reality has given us all a license to become Nonsense Warriors. Turning away from them and towards us, CATHERINE OPIE, NICOLAS GHESQUIÌRE, and STEFANO PILATI take us into their inner circles of friends, while COLLIER SCHORR turns Bella Hadid into Lisa Lyon. We speak with VIRGIL ABLOH as he plots a fashion industry coup d‰۪̩tat and follow JASON DILL to hell and back to Fucking Awesome. We revisit the work of MICHAEL SCHMIDT, and how his community workshops turned Berlin into a cauldron of contemporary photography. JACKIE NICKERSON shows us what Robert Longo looks like with a faster Internet connection, while CARSTEN HÌÐLLER takes us into his kitchen to explore the post-digital nature of food. We speak with PLAYBOI CARTI, CHRIS KRAUS, AMINA BLUE, and RICARDO BOFILL. And, last but not least, we make a pilgrimage to Santo Sospir, the villa on the Riviera where JEAN COCTEAU created his greatest Gesamtkunstwerk.

Also included with the issue, is a  HEAT UP HADID transfer kit which allows you to create your own t-shirt with this issues Bella Hadid cover.