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Alasdair McLellan, Home and Away, Special Edition SIGNED

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We are honoured to be stocking the special edition of Home and Away, Alasdair McLellan’s new two-volume book. The special edition is numbered 1–100, and presented in a bespoke box. 

Both volumes of the book are included in the box (with both copies signed) as well as a C-Type print, a signed print certificate and an exclusive booklet of plates. The C-Type print is titled Still Life #24 and can be seen in images 6 and 7 here. 

‘HOME and AWAY is an idea of where somebody is from, where they travel to, and where, if they are the photographer Alasdair McLellan, they find themselves now after taking pictures for 35 years. These books fall somewhere between those two worlds, as does Alasdair McLellan himself.'

“I find myself thinking about the photos I took as a teenager in Doncaster and the various influences that inspired me to be a photographer in the first place. I suppose it’s a return to simpler times; it was just me and the subject rather than having 30 people standing behind me waiting for the picture to be taken, as it often is now. But at the heart of the pictures then and now, it’s still that same relationship—it’s only who or what you photograph that really matters.” Alasdair McLellan

Published by Alasdair McLellan with M/M (Paris), June 2023. 

Shipping will be carried out with the greatest care so that all orders arrive in pristine condition. 

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