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Linn Phyllis Seeger, 0N0E *SIGNED

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The title of Linn Phyllis Seeger’s most recent body of work, 0N0E, refers to the coordinates of Null Island. This is in a sense a place, but also an idea […] The images comprising 0N0E are all iPhone-based, with many including screenshots of her own social media stories. They highlight the blur between the personal and the public, but also between a performed self for a digital audience and an ‘authentic’, unified, and sovereign self. […] What’s at the coordinates 0°N 0°E is just the Atlantic Ocean and a shared fiction. Understood as locations where place and non-place—or the real and imagined—touch, tenderly, 0°N 0°E and 0N0E become sites of generative possibility, but also of discomfort.

1st Edition, 500 copies
Published by Skinnerboox, February 2022
Softcover, PVC dust jacket

/// Linn Phyllis Seeger is a cloud-based artist and PhD Candidate at the Royal College of Art in London. Deploying an iPhone-based art practice, Seeger’s work confronts the password-protected private space of the phone with the metaphorical topology of the cloud as public counter space. In her research, Seeger explores the question of intimacy within contemporary modes of digital communication – and in particular, how the Information age has turned the physical and virtual environments of our everyday lives into spaces of disparity and distance.