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Kai Althoff, Häuptling Klapperndes Geschirr

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'A dream-like book, with a sensitive work on color (color separation, printing, and papers) that succeeds in evoking the eerie atmosphere of Kai Althoff’s exhibition Häuptling Klapperndes Geschirr at Tramps Ltd, New York, in the winter 2018–2019. The photographs of the exhibition and the works reproduced in the book were taken by Althoff himself, and are accompanied by a very personal text by DovBer Naiditch (“On Kai and His Art – with some digressions concerning my children”), an essay by Ansgar Murr, and a poem by musician & artist Hanayo Takajima.'

Texts in English and German. 

Published by Tramps Ltd / Koenig Books, 2020. *Sold out from the publisher.*