Lorena Lohr, Tonight Lounge


Lorena Lohr's beautiful monograph, published by Cob Gallery, is a very alluring book.. its hardback cover bound in soft dusky pink leatherette like the interiors of cars that appear in the photographs within. It's the first complete survey of the work Lohr has made during multiple odysseys across America over the past decade and includes many unseen images. Tonight Lounge takes us through the desert towns of Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Utah as well as the Texas - Mexico border town of El Paso, and the outer-city neighbourhoods of the East Coast. Lohr's photographs might have been taken a very long time ago - they capture the evidence of faded ambition and discarded dreams that has typified parts of the urban American landscape since the 1950s. 

Hand-painted signage, the crumbling facades of once ornate buildings, bars, motels and suburban houses.. delicate pastels, patterned textiles, fleeting views and painted interiors..

Tonight Lounge features a short story by writer, actor and musician Kirk Lake alongside an essay by Louise Benson, a long time collaborator of Lohr and deputy editor of Elephant Magazine. 

Published by Cob Gallery, December 2019, hardback bound in leatherette with red foil deboss, designed by Lorena Lohr with finishing by Michael Nash Associates, 116 colour plates, 164 pages, 29 x 23cm