Paul Elliman, Untitled (September magazine)

Untitled (September magazine) is a glossy tome of 592 pages that mirrors the format of the fashion magazine. Text and graphic mark are absent, other than a barcode. Inside the cover, a collection of close-ups and crops of male and female bodies, gathered over a period of years from contemporary fashion magazines, begin to articulate a specific form of performative body language.  Elliman states: 'In photographed fragments, the body seems both to correspond to the shapes of letters and to assume writing’s inanimate agency.'

Removed from their commercial function, these images also become more tender and intimate, beautiful even. A cult artist book, definitely new rare. 

published by ROMA and Vanity Press, in shrink-wrap with label and text insert. Vanity Press is artist Fiona Banner's publishing imprint.


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Paul Elliman, Untitled (September magazine) - Claire de Rouen Books
Paul Elliman, Untitled (September magazine) - Claire de Rouen Books