Ivars Gravlejs, Early Works, *signed

Early Works was shortlisted for the First Book Award in 2015, for which Claire de Rouen director Lucy Moore was a judge. We hosted the London launch and still have a small number of signed copies available from that night.

 'Early Works satirises of the rules and aesthetic principles of the adult world. Eight sections trace the various phases of Gravlejs's encyclopaedic curiosity, including ‘Conceptual’, ‘Pop art’ and 'Actions', parroting the tropes of contemporary art, in emanations of the readymade (a pop art stockpile of soda cans), fake historical reconstructions (toy soldiers in battle) and surreal compositions (the erotic union of eggs and a sausage). In all the images, Gravlejs uses the gesture of art as an instrument of anarchy, lampooning his classmates and teachers in fiendish montages, winning small victories in the domain of the image.' (MACK)  




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Ivars Gravlejs, Early Works, *signed - Claire de Rouen Books